Monday, 24 May 2010

Why Iggy and the Stooges scared me most at All Tomorrows Parties

Iggy Pop should have been dead. But his body says death comes not with a scythe to cut you smoothly down. The grim bastard carries a bat, and if you stand the beating then you are to all intents and purposes immortal. Iggy was always standing for that, dirty proof it could be done, through sheer defiance and knowledge of what always remains true.

Until now. This is what these purple posters mean, not that he is a prissy sell out, not that he is cashing in on his limited fame. His music has undergone many changes though these tempestuous years, and sometimes drifted into meaninglessness, but then a void of madness not of scheming paper hunger.

This campaign is a trouble not because he has lost his credibility in allegiance with the insurance man, it is a trouble because he is dying, and he is afraid. Immortals have no need for this style of money. He is aware that he is finally growing old. And he can't continue to live so free. These posters tell us, as insurance adverts always will, our hopes of life are pipe dreams and we can't escape being beaten to death.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010