Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Anatomy for Bad Dreamer

Fine pointed snip-snips
Swung up and punctured.
Under the chin, inside the jaw,
Weight on the pin and cut.
Through gland, tissue and tongue.
Opening gala ribbon right down the neck.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

You are my everything

And i do it all for you.
Thank god we're not the same

Magnolia Confusion

Super Glamour Flora
Well drab paint

Daffodils Later

Buckled and fucked
Your trumpet still up
'This world was never
meant for one
as beautiful as you.'

Friday, 16 April 2010

After John Everett Millais (having failed literature)

Her dress loose, and occupied more by the river than her body, making her naked, in a way. Her face plays the surface without concern. Or maybe reversed. The water across her mouth, for a moment, a complex game formation. Passive to the current. Another part of the river. Turning to soft skin, the reeds, the water, the unseen silt bed.

I Saw a Handsome Man

the recognition passed.
he gestures too far.
his beard is too shallow.
I'm glad you're not in town without calling.

for Ryan Van Winkle


kneeling, all fours,
face to the pavement,
lapping an oily puddle
at your swollen feet.
It didn't take much to resist.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Advice for a Confusion of Men that I Love

Cut away your boy head.
Cut off your girl head.
Cut loose your horse head.
Cut back your bull head.
Cut roughly your snake or devil head.
Cut free your unmuzzled dog head.

Race Relations, Notting Hill

Three bright saris
Embarrassed laughs and gentle steps away
White, bladdered and lurchy
"Yeah, I read the Koran everyday

... Go on, prove she's your wife."
with silent threats to piss himself.

Three Letters

A letter of request
       Small parcel of destructible art.
A letter of enquiry
       You have the history books
       but that money is gone.
A letter of introduction
       A pretty ring on a pretty hand.

After Stubbs

Sudden immodesty,
The whites raw.
Angel pale horse,
The work of happy knives.
Dignity means suffering,
Turning to wilderness.


Thursday, 8 April 2010


Boy's ablaze.
Best put him out,
Out of doors.
Enough nights 'neath crescent lamps.

No wishes,
Just present objects,
Objects present,
A kind of gift.


an ostrich
stuffed with a swan
stuffed with a turkey
stuffed with a goose
stuffed with an eagle
stuffed with a duck
stuffed with a chicken
stuffed with a pheasant
stuffed with a raven
stuffed with a talking parrot
stuffed with a pigeon
stuffed with a nighting gale
stuffed with a blue tit
stuffed with a cha cha cha finch
stuffed with a humming bird
stuffed with a chicken nugget
stuffed with a bumble bee
stuffed with a tiny ostrich
stuffed with old news papers and sawdust
stuffed with botulin

'The Only Woman I'll Ever Love'

for Elizabeth Taylor

The Queen of Stars
Reached in his throat
Plucked his smashed teeth
So he won't choke

Giant Dark Heart

for Joel Rose

Fill your thought with shit,
Your dick with blood
And, yeah, Smile back B.

Invasion of the Cradle Snatchers

Cougar Town
Courtney Cox'
Monstrous vagina.

A Man at the Bank

Same mustache,
Still no chin,
Hair kept back,
Despite the recession.
Persistent chap.

The Swan Centre

For Eastleigh

Peach lipstick with dark brown liner.
She looks like a joke on women
played by a man, but she's not.
She has torn the heart from many dreams
and secretly, she is filled with light.

John Wayne (or Someone Else)

The greatest man who ever lived,
He would kill me or you in a second.
We will be dead.
He will be great.

Uncertain Shape

A searching dog
Under a rug
In the back of a van.


Restless yellow mob.
We're not asking you,
We're telling you.

Spring is here!

Puke Blossom.


Someone thought it would be a good idea to write a poem everyday for all of the month. Anyway, they told someone else and eventually I heard. I thought I'd heard enough. Now i have poems to show you, and plans for more.